Treating her

With this blog you might agree or might not but this is what I think.

This is what I learnt from my surroundings and stuff.
Girls in a relationship need to be treated like they don’t mean anything in the guys life, like they are not even on there list of priorities.

Treat them like side missions in a game which you don’t pay any attention to.
Now I am well aware that this is wrong but I have seen girls running behind guys that don’t give a fuck about them.
Now if someone asks you how to get girls, tell them 

“Easy, treat them like shit, talk she behind her back, flirt with other girls while in a relationship and them dump her. I bet even tho you dumped her she will still be crazy behind you. 

And you can’t make a girl understand that she is wrong.
Never try that cause you’ll end up being the bad guy in that situation. 
On offence to the girls reading this as this is not directed to all the girls. I guess 

Chapter 2: learning process 

Here I am in India

With nothing other than my thoughts, nervousness, a broken promise and two relatives.
My mom’s sister and her daughter, at first sight they seem okay, nice and harmless but once you get to know them, you realise that they are just one of many two – faced people that live in India.

They hated me as me and my brother were boys and she had a daughter and they also thought that why all of a sudden I was made their responsibility.
Good thinking.
Soon I joined a school 

Ryan international school.
Welcome to Ryan,

This is where teacher won’t even remember you if you don’t score above 70% in your exams and tests. Where students love to beat up or harass lesser and small children. Lucky for me I was the only one in the class small or dumb enough to bully.
I was knew that I was below average or that I was bad a studies but I wanted to learn, even I wanted to get along with other students, make friends instead I got ignored by the teachers and bullied by other students.
These kid were way past over name calling 

Beating up, stealing lunch money is what they did, where already my aunt wasn’t kind enough to give me food, 5 bucks is what I use to get and they stole it from me everyday for 4 years.

Too fucking small and dumb to fight back or do anything.
So bullies at school and bullies at home with very limited contact with my parents and my brother.
Although I have to thank my relatives and Ryan international school for teaching me that nobody is wroth trusting.
The problem being that later on I still made the same mistake.
Thank you For reading 

And I am extremely sorry for my grammar.

Chapter 1 : what promises are worth 


Well I was 5 back then, used to stay in dubai with my paa, mum and my smaller brother. As a kid I was pretty much coolest kid there could be, made friends pretty easily used to talk a lot. 
I have had this problem of thinking to much.

I have a thought which leads to another thought and eventually the thoughts keep getting worse and I fall asleep.

Well once I had a dream in which my parents had died and I was alone, scared with my brother. Pretty fucked up dream to have at the age of 5.

Well I was depressed I didn’t talk the whole day, didn’t tell my mum stories of what happened at school today. The thought just kept bothering me, eventually my parents though they should take me to a mall just to cheer me up, so they did for a brief amount of time I was happy but the thought didn’t leave my mind.
Later that day I told my parents what dream I had and why I was so depressed. That day they promised me that they’ll never leave me.
A month later I was sent to India alone to live with my relatives my aunt and her daughter and my parents my brother in dubai. 

Sure they had their reasons but it made me think are promises really worth anything or just some shit you say to asure the person in front of you.
Fucking promises right😂😂

Be careful with media 


A great way to convey a message, to change the way people think, make a impact on society.

Throughout the years media has been a way to give out values, morals, state social issues or sometimes people make movies out of pure passion, with good story, a good plot, well established characters and etc.

People don’t understand that media is a good way to convey but is also very sensitive. Your message sometimes can be taken out of context, misinterpreted, or cause the very thing you were out to stop (eg: bullying ).

I wanted to let this out because of the current tragedy that took place after the airing of “13 reasons why”.

The motives of the show were good, to take a different take on high school bullying and suicides but ended up just becoming a tread rather then the social message they wanted to share and ended up encouraging the very thing they wanted to stop.
I love media and movies and there are many people do as well and I am well aware it was started as a business but people need to understand that it’s a very sensitive platform to convey a message and needs to treated more carefully.
Thank you

For reading 


Have you ever came across someone with suicidal tendencies?

Big time introverts

You know what’s the worst thing you could do or say to him/her

” everybody has problems, deal with it rather then attempting suicide ”


A horrible mistake


They don’t view they the world the same way as you do. As a matter of fact everyone views the world in a different light but the important part is that they view death in a different way


“the action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism” that’s what Google says and probably is they way most of you view death as


To us, it’s a state of permanent rest, with the perpose of end the constant pain we go through in which we are surrounded by people who call us cowered


In that situation when he/she opens up to you and share his/her problems calling them a cowered by giving a dumbass speech isn’t the right way


Listen to their story/problem understand it never compare it to your problem and that’s not just for people with suicidal tendencies, it’s for anyone with any kind of issue

Listen to their problem, respect the fact that they are sharing it with you ( showing that they trust you)

Excuse my grammar and I know the topic is all over the place