It’s Her (end)

I step closer asking the same question again “why me?” Followed by “and what is your involvement in this “.  At first it was too dark to actually see her face properly but the flames buring from the field beside us,  I can see a bit more clearly I start walking towards her, hold her by the neck, push her down and shoot on the ground beside her, then I concentrate on her face and soon my question changes from “why me?” To “why you?”. To my surprise it’s one for my girlfriends friends that I happen to know, I start raging out “she trusted you, you are one of the few people she trusted and you are working for the one that killed her? You’ve known her for years” my anger keeps building and then I get a thought that was she worth doing this for ? 

I take a deep breath I bend down to her and ask her again ” why are you working for the girl who killed your friend?” She replies ” she didn’t Aakash and she didn’t plan to kill you as well but you’re the kind of person that do let go right?” I look at her for a second and then reply by saying ” what the fuck are you talking about? I saw her die” she says ” I can’t explain this to you, she can” so she tells me to get in the car, I think for a second and then realise I lost the love of my life today, I killed a man today and soon realise that my girlfriend cheating on me with the same guy. At this point I just need answers so I get up, I help her get up and we get in the car.

She starts the and instead of going forward she takes a turn and starts heading back, I don’t ask any questions I just go with it, some moments later I ask her why is she involved with this she says ” you’ll know everything once you see her” I stay quite for a minute and then look at the gunshot on my leg and ask for a cloth or something, she hands me a white long cloth, I take the black tee off my leg and throw it out into the field, I turn on the lights inside the car and I can see that the skin around the gun shot has start turning black, I wrap this white cloth aro5my leg and soon with realising I am unconscious assuming by that lack of food and water intake plus the blood loss.
I don’t after how long but I walk up back at my place in my bedroom on my bed, with the chandelier changing it’s dim colours, I see my hands and my leg is properly aided, I try to sit up right, as I am trying to do that the door opens and she walks in, the girl in black,  she’s wearing a black jumpsuit with small white designs on it looks like I have seen it before. She holding two glasses of mazza, she keeps them on the table beside me, shows me a packet and tells me “I know you need answers Aakash and yes you deserve to know but I know what kind of a person you are, so for that you have to drink this and I’ll give you all the answers” and she empties out the packet in the drink, without any thought I pick up the drink and start sipping it.

She is concerned for a while and then she sits besides me slowly lowers my head on to her lap, she slowly scrolls through my hair.

“I didn’t kill her Aakash, she killed herself, because of ….issues she couldn’t stay like this forever no matter how much loved to. I never wanted this for you as well Aakash but you’re just so fucking dumb, just can’t let go” as a tear rolls down her face, ever inch of my body wants to wipe it off I slowly lift my hand and wipe it off, she holds my hand and slowly proceeds to hold my hand with both her hands. ” instead of letting go this is the shit you do to yourself which causes pain to others and you. When it comes to her cheating on you how did you get that? Just because you saw a chat ? Does that mean she’s cheating on you ? You’re too insecure, too sensitive and too emotionally driven.” I wanted to reply what about the promises? What about the plans?  But didn’t kept it to myself as she continues “there were a lot of things she didn’t tell you about herself or her past life. she loved you Aakash but I don’t. I can’t” she leans down kisses my fore head and wipes off all the tears streaming down my face, I take a deep breath and close my eyes as I can’t feel my body now, so I prepare myself for a nice nap as people that the naps after crying are the best naps. At least I die on her lap as she holds me, before actually letting go I think about if this story had to end like this? Well doesn’t matter now.
The end 
Thanks for reading 



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