I Trusted Her

A few minutes passes by I sit there thinking what I have done, then I decide to check his phone to know who he actually was and was he tell the truth about my girlfriend.

I pick up his put in the password and I go to what’s app to see if they had any chats before, no chats in what’s app, I check the call logs and there’s nothing there, soon I open instagram to check his name and stuff, they guy was called prashant and he did follow my girlfriend on insta and she followed him too. It occurs to me that one can also chat on instagram, I open the D.Ms and there it was their chats. 

The chat started with calling one our fight drama and later also calls one of my suicide attempts a drama.

My mind and my heart refuses to believe this but the proof was right here in front of me, he was telling the truth.

I try to get back to my feet I am filled with anger and these thoughts, who was I dating? Is this all our relationship was ? All the things I did for her. While I was thinking about this all the old memories flood back the times she was a support to me, the time when she said “I’ll never let you do something as dumb as suicide ” all these memories say that this can’t be true but here I am with the chats in my hand.

I slowly make my way to the car, I open the and try to start the car it doesn’t start. I sit on the drivers sit with my legs out, I try to unwrap the cloth on my wound as it was dripping blood, slowly I get it off and I look at the cloth and I can slightly see the out print of same word “pinky” I come to the conclusion that if this wound was wrapped by the girl in black the these two know each other which was also justifield by the way he didn’t stop when I told him to. I pick up the cloth which was on his back seat and wrap that around my leg and I look at the road, it looks like it’s never ending but as much as I want to shoot myself in the head now I need answers.

Before leaving I open his trunk to see if there is something helpful and there is a bag, I take the bag put the gun in it and head to the drinks he had in his back seat to my bad luck only one bottle survived.

I soon start walking down the road with half empty bottle in my hand.

While I try to think about her but is one of best times in my life just a lie, the one person loved and trusted Is just one of those people that I was afraid I would run into. It’s almost night and I see a car heading towards, I didn’t cause of my last interactions but it stops anyways, I get my bag to my front and put I hand in to grab the gun, they roll down their window and ask me where am I heading.

In the drivers seat the is a healthy younget girl with straight hair, extremely fair and glasses and on the next seat is a relatively darker guy, sports attire and almost a stick figure like body type. Well they look harmless, I open the back door and get in say the nearest police station. These guys after a few seconds of silence they ask how did I end up looking like this on the road, I tell them I made up story of how I got into an accident and busted the car and my leg. They ask “what about the hands? Looks like they have been through shit. Literally and figuratively” I let out a chuckle, then I look at my hands three of them have no nails anymore and bleeding, it makes me think all this regret I had that I couldn’t save her has turned into hate and all this did for her was that really worth going through?

I shift my attention back to them and reply ” yeah, they have been through stuff”. Suddenly we see a full black SUV heading our way, the girl driving trys to take a sharp turn but the SUV hits the back end of the car and sends us spinning into the field, as soon as the car stops spinning I tell these guys to run and hide in the corn field and I hide in the car. From the SUV a thin girl, about 5.5 tall, fair with dark hair steps out from the driver seat, assuming she was the only one in the car, she takes something out of her car I can’t see it properly because of the night but looks like a rock, she throws the thing into the field, it take me a while to realise it but it’s too late as a flash followed by flames and a loud sound breaks the front glass of my car, I try not to scream in pain as some of the glass hit my forehead, I look up as she is standing right next to the car looking of into the field, I grad my gun and kick open the door pushing her to the ground, I step out point the gun at her, as the field behind us burns I ask her “why me?” 


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