Who Was He ?

He starts sipping down his drink and that creepy smile isn’t going off his damn face, I try to act like I didn’t see anything in the back of the car and I can’t tell if he buys it or not because of that fucking smile on his face. He soon turns on his radio and starts playing music, bad taste in music is what I can tell. 

We have been driving for an hour with very little talks, I keep looking out the window confused about why the girl in black would kill her or why would this guy have this hood and why would come the same way I did from that medical this couldn’t just be a coincidence, are these people stalking me? 

While I think about all this I suddenly see that we drove by my car, I tell this guy to stop his car, I tell him that we drove past my car he ignores me and increases the speed of his car, he locks the door and tells me to shut up. Soon I see a speed breaker, I as quietly as possible, we approach the speed breaker and he doesn’t slow down as much I thought he would but this was my window.

I punch the guys across the face with my right hand, open the door with my left, push the wheel to the right and push myself to the left out the car. 

I get back to my feet as soon as possible and see that the car has ended up off the road and on the field, I start walking towards the car as I see no movement as I get close I see that the guys head is bleeding and his doors window is broken, I try to make as less sound as possible but he sees me through the rare view mirror and rushes to grade something inside his car, I ran as fast I could with my injured leg towards the car and as soon as he puts his hand out the window towards me I hit his and a gun falls down from his hand, I grab the gun and point it to him through his broken window.

I inform him to get out of his car, my hands shake as I have never held a gun before, he gets out and then gets a call I tell him to throw the phone to me so that I could know who he is, I felt asking is pointless. He throws his phone near my feet I puck it up while still pointing the gun at him, I ask for the pin to his phone which was 3001.

He soon notices the shaking of my hand and realises that I have never held a gun before he let’s out a small laugh while I am going through his phone, In his phone I see a contact saved by my girlfriends name I open the contact to make sure and eve  the number is hers, I show the contact to him and ask him “why the fuck do you have this number ” he chuckles I ask him again he keeps laughing and says “i can tell you have never held a gun before after all it isn’t meant for pussies” he steps closer he keeps talking “you want to how I have her number? She was my bitch, I even fucked her ” he keeps walking towards me ” she was a treat believe m-” and I shot him out of pure anger he falls to the ground and I fall to my knees with my leg still bleeding in disbelief that I just killed a man without knowing who he was or if he was lying or not.

to be continued 


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