She Shot Herself 

If you have clicked on the link I sent you, do me a favour and read the whole thing.
We are in the process of loading the car, me and love of my life. Black hair, height around 5.5 and small eyes (just like me). It’s been 4 months since we are together and our 5 month anniversary is 3 day away, so we decided go on a small vacation for like a week or so.

I head back in the house to check if I didn’t forget anything, I check the hall room and now heading to check the bedroom.

Nothing left everything needed is packed and we are ready to leave, as I turn around to leave the bedroom I she her standing at the door with a smile on her face. I know that, that smile means I am doomed. She rashes towards me to tickle but me being the 6 foot man I am I push her to the right on the bed and start tickling her as well. This goes on for a while, we almost tickle each other to death.

We both are lying on the bed gasping for air and I look at her and the thoughts of how lucky I am that I met her rushes my mind, soon enough she looks at me we both smile at each other and share a kiss in the excitement of the trip and what the future might be like and the plans we made.

We head to the car I put on my necklace, my seat belt, start the car and we are off to a long drive and the best time I could have with her. As we are driving by a medical which is close to our house, outside the medical (sunny medical) I see someone with a hood on which said picky on it, I couldn’t figure out if It was a guy or a girl but something was off about that person, I try to ignore him/her and drive past but something felt off about that person. 

Soon we were out of the city, as around us was just empty roads and long corn fields. As I was about what the first thing we’ll do once we get there, she was watching the video that I made for her a month ago in January.

It’s been a long drive till the point that I started  have the feeling that we are lost but I decide to keep it to myself as I didn’t want her to worry about it. As I am thinking what to do something running across the road and into the field catches my eye and while I was looking at what it was my tire pops and I have stop the car. This isn’t right there is nobody on this road and the thing I saw running into the field and it’s almost night.

We both clue less what to do, we try using our phone but no network soon I notice the date on my phone 28th Feb the time is past 12:00. 

We spend around half and hour in the car and soon I look out the rare view mirror I see a lady walking towards us, I am somewhat relaxed but I try to look around and I see no other car, so where did she come from ?

She reaches our window I roll down and I see her face properly and I freez for a while, she looks exactly like her, exactly my girlfriend we both are in a state of  shock.

She tells us to get out of the car as according to her we can’t get help here we’ll have to walk.

We both look at each other and we know that she has a point but we don’t know and the uncomforting fact that she looks exactly like her like identical twins.

We get out of the car and I notice the girl is wearing a black tee with a golden spotted design on it and ripped jeans and a bag, she tell us that there is a small town up ahead and tells us to walk ahead so we do as we don’t want to make any conversation with her.

We take a few steps ahead the girl in black whips out a gun from her bag pushes me ahead and hits my girlfriend across the shoulder with the back hand of the gun bruising her arm and she falls on her knees, I run back to protect her but the girl in black point the gun to my girlfriend head so I stop she threatens to shoot if I move I freez I get down on my knees as well and start asking what do you want from us she says car keys, mobile whatever the fuck is in your pockets and as soon as she says that I empty out my pockets and I beg to her not to shoot and she looks at me smiles, even the fuckin smile is same as her but she was nothing like her.

The girls in black say ” don’t worry I promise shooting her is next to impossible for me” a weird sense of relaxation enter my body and I take a deep breath and ask her “so what do- ” as I am half way through my sentence I hear the gun shot as I was facing the group I hope she fired it in the air but this blood streams down to my knees I slowly get myself to look up as the girl in black is still smiling at me and smoke exists her gun and she is on the floor blood streaming everywhere.

I am still on my knees but unable to do anything just looking at her dead body refusing to believe so. The girl in black walks up to keeps her hand on my shoulder, I snap shout ” WHY?” Get up on my feet and hold her by the neck trying to chock her, she shoots my leg and I fall back on the ground and walks up to me leans over and say “it’s the only way Aakash” I wanted to say or shout no but was in too much pain, she follows it up by saying “all this was just a distraction Aakash” as soon as she finishes saying that she picks up the key and wherever there was when I emptied out my pockets and then walks up to her body removes the necklace  from her neck and throws it off into the field. I faint after that and when I wake up my car is no where to be seen, my leg wound is wrapped with a tee and her lifeless body is still here.

to be continued.


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