Chapter 4: Best time or worst mistakes 

2013 – 2017
Here we are the end, well at least till now.
Once I left Ryan I was taken into jamnabai narsee school in the N.I.O.S board, which mean it wasn’t as big of a deal as I showed it to be and we had just 5 subjects that too of my choosing. 
Well in J.N.S I was in a of 14, so there was no group division as we were just 14 people, I made good friends there like Priya, Mannat, Sherman, Shaheen,  karan, etc. So thanks to them my last year in school was pretty fucking awesome.

I started making friends in my building Chinmay, Vikas, etc and soon I had to move out of that area lucky for me the place I was moving to wasn’t that far off.
Siddhi hights, for around 4 months I use to go to my old building and avoid the people here, till the new year party of siddhi hights that day I met people like Pratik, Aditya, Kritika, Sahil, Tina, Shraddha, etc.

I had a thought that maybe I should start playing with these people but it was just a thought that I never put to use.

Till May, from May onwards I started hanging out with them and was introduced to some more people.

But in that building I can’t tell if I had the best time ever or not as fell back in the same flow of having no one to share to, whom I can trust.

While all these things were going on I kept all the thing I had been through to myself but tried opening up to just one person and now I am here sharing half ass stories online.

2016, while people complain that it was one of the worst year, for me it’s was the best year well at least the end of it.

2017, yet nothing to say that it was a good year.

Thanks for reading 

S.N- college friends are special enough that they will get their own blog 😂


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