Chapter 3:happy for a while 

2009- 2013
This is when I was called back to dubai to live with my parents.

At that time I should have been happy to see my parents after so long but I wasn’t couldn’t feel any kind of joy.

In the airplane I noticed that I was more excited to see dubai rather then to actually see my parents, I realised that just because they broke the promise and my trust back then I could never actually trust them again.

I would doubt everything they said or every action they took.
Once I landed in U.A.E, I noticed that the dubai airport was much more pretty and well maintained that it looked like a damn shopping mall more then a airport.

I walk out the airport, in this huge crowed I see my mum and behind her my paa with a trolley filled with toys and I am still standing there frozen think to myself that I should be happy seeing them they are my parents after all but everytime I am reminded of what I went through in India for those 3 years.

I kept it to myself what pain I went through, I thought to myself that well now i am here without my relatives or those bullies in school, I should just enjoy myself.
Soon I joined a school named Indian excellent and I was afraid that I’ll go through the exact same experience I went through in Ryan, Indian excellent was divided into to different sections girls and boys and lucky me my experience in Indian excellent was quite nice, in the mid terms I had already made 2 friends and I use to go out with my family every night.

It was fun dubai was really fun for about a year then because of issues I was sent to India again with my relatives again and back to fucking Ryan
At this I had no motives, I had nothing I was just going through what shit life was throwing at me.
Soon even my family moved to India, we moved many houses and I continued my studies in Ryan till 9th grade at the end of 9th I was kicked out of Ryan (yay).

Thank you for reading

– Aakash


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